Monday, April 6, 2009

Kiss My Grits!

Today I was inspired to start writing here again, thanks to someone who made fun of my Southern drawl and accent. It just made me realize how proud of my heritage and my Southern roots I really am. I wanted to say "Kiss My Grits" or something else to the rude person, but I didn't because it was a customer at my job. I was caught off guard because I am used to people appreciating my easy and calm manner. I was very taken aback this morning. I don't want to lose my accent. I do pronounce some things differently than I used to, so I may even start making a conscious effort to speak more Southern from now on! I'm still a little ticked off.

Ok, I really want to talk a little bit about my special accent. My ancestors are not just from the South, they are also from the Appalachian mountains. I can remember my great grandmothers using some Appalachian terms! When I first went to college at Berea, I used some of these terms and some people had never heard of them! My younguns are tugging at my shirt to try to get me to go outside with them right now, so I will write more on this later! Thanks for reading! Damn it..younguns isn't in the spell check.